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Buying a home is still a part of the American Dream. For most of us, it represents a significant financial obligation. It is the single biggest purchasing decision of our lives. In California, it is incredibly complex, full of legal disclaimers, contracts with fine print, disclosures, inspection reports, short time frames and often incredibly stressful. Having competent, experienced and professional representation seems like a basic requirement. .

What should you do to choose your real estate agent? Easy, think of it as a job interview. We have all been through one of those before, although for some it may have been some time ago. Ask your potential agent some questions about their background and experience. Ask how long they have been working in the industry, when they were first licensed, how many deals or transactions they have closed. As with any good job interview, the key is to ask open ended questions. For example, ask them to describe a challenging real estate transaction and how they were able to intervene to overcome the challenge. As your potential candidate answers these questions, you will begin to get a good idea of their communication style, if they are competent to represent you or if they will value your relationship.

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